Friday, December 21, 2012

What are the classification of different administrative actions?

There are three organs of government.
(1) Legislative
(2) Executive
(3) Judiciary.
These three organs essentially perform three classes of functions-
(i) Legislative
(ii) Executive
(iii) Judicial.
The function of the legislative is to enact the law; the executive is to administer the law and the judiciary is to interpret the law and to declare what the law is. But in Jayantilal Amrit Lal Vs. F.N Rana AIR 1964 SC 648, the Court said that it cannot be assumed that the Legislative functions are exclusively performed by the legislative; executive functions by the executive and judicial functions by the judiciary.
In Halsbury’s Laws of England it is also stated that the functions of the executive are not confined solely to an administrative character.
Today, executive performs various types’ functions.
(i) Administrative: - The function of this organ is to investigate, to prosecute, to prepare and adopt schemes to issue and cancel licenses.
(ii) Legislative: - This organ takes step to make rules, regulations, by laws, to fix prices etc.
(iii) Judicial: - To adjudicate on disputes, to impose fine and penalty etc.

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