Saturday, December 29, 2012

What are the Objectives of International Organisation?

International Organisations are defined by reference to their legal functions and responsibilities, with limited field of activity. Each constitution sets out aims and objects and is accordingly provided to achieve those objects. There are disputes among the states of the world causing threats. International Organisations are aimed to reduce the possibility of those threats and aggression. The League of Nations was established to maintain international peace and security but the League could not survive for long. The responsibility undertaken by the League did not die with its demise; the United Nations took over responsibility. The process of keeping peace and security is material might be disruption but the ongoing mechanism of the introduction of I/Os shall keep it alive with the creation of another organisation. International Organisations are created to further political and national security on the one hand and economic and social welfare on the other. The development of political and national security involves the organisation in the prevention of armed conflict activity directed toward economic and social welfare is undertaken whether problems in these areas are related to the peace or not International Organisations, as a whole, have two main objects:
(i) Furtherance of political and national security of the world; and
(ii) The advancement of economic and social welfare of the world.

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