Saturday, December 29, 2012


Objectives and reasons of Civil Courts Act, 1887:
The provincial Civil Courts Act,1887 was passed with a view to provide a complete and separate system of civil court for bengal, he North Western provinces and Assam. This Act was passed for the real improvement in the existing system. The passing of this Act subsequently proved to be satisfactory for giving a complete system of Civil Courts in these provinces. This Act also gives authority to the judicial officers to perform pure judicial functions different from the executive functions. Moreover judgeship is becoming more and more the unite of judicial administration. It is as well that they should be so, for such a condition is an incentive to a more careful supervision on the part of a judge over his subordinates and consequently to better works on the part of all below him and for this the Civil Courts Act, 1887, provides a complete guidance.

Scope of the Act:
The various chapters of this Act deals with the structure, constitution, jurisdiction, administration and the allocation of business of the Civil Courts in Bangladesh. Chapter II provides about the constitution of different civil courts and chapter III deals with the ordinary original, local and appellate jurisdiction of the Civil Courts. Chapter IV with special appellate jurisdiction of Civil Courts. In addition, this chapter provides about the Small Cause Courts local and pecuniary jurisdiction.

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