Monday, January 28, 2013

Non-formal Activities of ADR in Rajshahi

When we observe the activities of ADR in Rajshahi District in case of non formal activities of ADR we can see that village Court and many NGOs have great contribution to solve the civil and family matters through ADR process. Different N.G.Os include ASHOK, BLAST and other non-government organization play vital role in case non formal ADR in Rajshahi District.

Traditional Salish
N.G.Os has attempted to remodel the traditional salish by adopting a more innovative and moderate approach to dispute resolution is an effort to alleviate the common problems associated with the traditional system. N.G.Os preferred the mediation approach to resolve the dispute whereby alternative forms of dispute resolution constitute a significant aspect of N.G.Os at providing substantial substitute for the formal legal system. The N.G.Os supervised traditional salish system is thus aimed at removing the difficulties commonly associated with Traditional Salish. It is more temperate and relaxed in its approach then the traditional salish which tends to be exacting dealing with the traditional community leader.
However one of the principle thrusts of ADR by N.G.Os has done by traditional salish.

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